June 24, 2024

Zach Wilson Looks Forward to New Beginning with Broncos After ‘Bittersweet’ Trade from Jets

Zach Wilson’s tenure with the Jets didn’t go as expected. Drafted second overall in 2021, he struggled to adjust to the NFL and faced multiple benchings. The Jets’ acquisition of Aaron Rodgers last offseason was intended to give Wilson a chance to learn from the veteran, but plans changed when Wilson was thrust back into the starting role after just four snaps into the season. His ongoing struggles led to him being demoted to backup again, prompting the team to allow him to seek a trade.

Wilson was eventually traded to the Broncos for a seventh-round pick just before the draft. He will compete for the starting job against Jarrett Stidham and rookie first-round pick Bo Nix. Speaking at Denver’s optional OTAs, Wilson reflected on his time with the Jets and his fresh start with the Broncos.

“There’s bittersweet moments in everything,” Wilson said. “I was grateful for my experiences there and the guys, I miss the guys out there and everything too, but at the same time, a fresh start is good and I’m excited to attack a new challenge.”

During his time with the Jets, Wilson recorded 12 wins in 34 appearances, completing 57 percent of his passes for 6,293 yards and 23 touchdowns, along with 25 interceptions and 17 fumbles. Despite the ups and downs, Wilson feels he has learned valuable lessons.

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“You learn the most when things don’t always go the best,” he said. “You bank those reps and you learn from them. Across three years of things being challenging, you’re going to learn a lot of things, so hopefully I can keep carrying those with me.”

In Denver, Wilson is eager to work with veteran NFL head coach Sean Payton, who famously developed Drew Brees into a 13-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl MVP.

“He’s done a phenomenal job for as long as I can remember,” Wilson said. “I loved watching him and Drew and the efficiency they played with, how consistent it was, how explosive they were. I’m looking forward to learning and growing from him every day.”

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