June 14, 2024

Former Broncos Star Considers Coming Out of Retirement to Join Chiefs

Former Broncos and Kansas Jayhawks star cornerback Chris Harris has hinted at the possibility of unretiring to join the Kansas City Chiefs. Harris, who last played in the NFL in 2022, is a three-time All-Pro and was regarded as one of the league’s top defensive players during his career. After spending nine years with the Denver Broncos and two seasons with the Los Angeles Chargers, Harris has had ample opportunity to face off against Kansas City. He also played alongside Aqib Talib for the Kansas Jayhawks, making him well-acquainted with the local fanbase.

Although it seems unlikely that the Chiefs would sign Harris, the notion of a former decade-long rival acknowledging the current prowess of Kansas City is amusing.


Chris Harris Jr. is still an elite cornerback - Mile High Report


When asked about potential teams that could lure him out of retirement, Harris responded, “Chiefs, of course… They already have all the pieces. Just going in there and being the last piece on the backend… I definitely think I could help there.”

Harris also mentioned other teams that might benefit from a veteran presence, such as the Texans and Eagles. “I know I could still cover these tight ends. If I got that call, I might have to come out of retirement,” he added.

When questioned by Adams about the idea of playing for his long-time rival, Harris joked that the Broncos would need “about four years, when Bo Nix is ready.” While few expect Denver to be playoff contenders, this remark might still sting for their fans.

Throughout his NFL career, Harris accumulated 621 tackles, 97 deflected passes, 22 interceptions, and four touchdowns. Despite the likelihood that his playing days are over, it appears that Steve Spagnuolo and Brett Veach have options if they seek changes in the Chiefs’ secondary.

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