May 19, 2024

Gators are eyeing Michigan State transfer AJ Hoggard as a potential addition to their roster, aiming to bolster their guard lineup. Despite already having talented guards like Walter Clayton and Alijah Martin, who excel in off-ball roles, Florida is seeking a proven ball handler to lead the team. Hoggard, who has recently listed the Gators among his final five school choices, is known for his adeptness at running the point.

Florida’s interest in Hoggard dates back to his high school days, and now with his college career nearing its end, they see an opportunity to capitalize on his skills. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 210 pounds, Hoggard possesses the size and strength to dominate as a point guard, particularly excelling in transition play.

However, Hoggard’s shooting ability has been a point of concern throughout his career, with a career three-point shooting percentage of 30% and occasional struggles finishing inside the arc. Despite this, his passing prowess and low turnover rate make him a reliable playmaker.

AJ Hoggard has cut his list to five possible transfer destinations

A move to Florida could offer Hoggard a fresh start, where he wouldn’t be relied upon as a primary scorer but rather as a facilitator, especially in fast-paced transition situations. With familiar faces in the coaching staff and a conducive environment for his playing style, Florida emerges as a compelling option among his final schools, which also include Georgia, Vanderbilt, USC, and Washington.

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