May 27, 2024

Bills’ New Receiver Sends Brief Message to Chiefs Rivals

Freshly drafted to the Buffalo Bills, Keon Coleman wastes no time delving into team rivalries. During an interview on the “RG3 and The Ones” podcast with Robert Griffin III, Coleman expressed his eagerness to join the Bills and familiarize himself with the team dynamics. When prompted about notable rivalries, Coleman pinpointed the Kansas City Chiefs, tersely stating, “Everyone can get it,” and emphasizing his readiness to face all adversaries.

Coleman’s candid interviews, such as his notable mention of a discounted Macy’s coat, have garnered attention online. He exudes enthusiasm for the Bills, pledging full support to his teammates in facing rivals. Emphasizing his commitment, Coleman declared, “I ride for my teammates,” showcasing his dedication.

Additionally, Coleman is eager to engage with Bills fans, expressing a desire to partake in the renowned tailgating tradition, even aspiring to join in the infamous table-jumping ritual.

Top 5 things to know about new Bills WR Keon Coleman | 2024 NFL Draft

Expected to play a significant role in Buffalo’s lineup, especially following notable departures, Coleman’s selection in the NFL Draft’s second round was applauded by Bills quarterback Josh Allen. General Manager Brandon Beane shared Allen’s enthusiasm, revealing that Allen was particularly impressed with Coleman among several receiver prospects. Allen’s endorsement further solidified the Bills’ decision to draft Coleman.

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