May 27, 2024

Did the selection of Oregon Ducks’ Bo Nix and Troy Franklin by the Denver Broncos in the NFL Draft improve the team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl? The duo, known for their dynamic chemistry on the field, transitioned to the professional level together.

Despite their collegiate success, particularly Oregon’s impressive turnaround last season, the odds of the Broncos winning the Super Bowl have remained unchanged according to FanDuel Sportsbook. Pre-draft, the Broncos had odds of +15,000, and post-draft, they still stand at +15,000.

Bo Nix and Troy Franklin follow up with Pac-12 Networks after stellar  performances at Stanford | Pac-12

While Denver is amidst a rebuilding phase, the familiarity and potential starting roles for Nix and Franklin could have been factors that didn’t influence the odds positively. However, considering the team’s recent acquisitions and the potential synergy between the Oregon stars, the current odds might present a favorable opportunity for those betting on the Broncos.

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