May 27, 2024

The NBA has imposed a lifetime ban on Toronto Raptors forward Jontay Porter after an investigation uncovered several violations related to betting. These infractions include disclosing confidential information to bettors, restricting his participation in at least one game while with the Raptors, and placing bets on NBA games while playing in the G League. The NBA’s attention was drawn to suspicious bets involving Porter by licensed sports betting operators and an organization monitoring legal betting markets.

The investigation into Porter began in late March when irregular betting patterns were observed on the over/under on Porter’s statistics in two Raptors games, both of which he exited after playing only a few minutes. It was revealed that Porter disclosed his medical status to a known sports bettor before a game against the Sacramento Kings in March. Notably, an $80,000 bet was placed on an under involving Porter’s statistics in that game, resulting in a $1.1 million win for the bettor. However, the sportsbook did not pay out the winnings due to suspicions about the betting activity.

Porter also placed at least 13 bets on NBA games using an associate’s online betting account, totaling $54,094 in wagers from January to March 2024. Although none of these bets involved games in which Porter played, he garnered a total payout of $76,059, with net winnings of $21,965.

Several of Porter’s games attracted increased betting interest on the under for his statistics, particularly a game against the Los Angeles Clippers where he played minimally due to an eye injury.

Jontay Porter Slapped With Lifetime NBA Ban For Wagering on His Own Team

The suspicious betting activities surrounding Porter were monitored by U.S. Integrity, a Las Vegas firm that works with sportsbooks, leagues, and state gaming regulators to ensure fair and transparent sports betting. The NBA commended the efforts of U.S. Integrity in identifying these irregularities.

Porter, the younger brother of Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr., played 26 games with the Raptors this season, averaging career highs in various statistics. Despite his performance on the court, his involvement in betting violations has resulted in a lifetime ban from the NBA.

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