May 27, 2024

Reggie Jackson, a revered figure in Yankees history, recently revealed his mixed feelings towards the team, particularly when they face off against the Houston Astros, whom he advises. While his affection for the Yankees remains strong due to his illustrious playing career and the iconic “Mr. October” moniker he earned there, his departure from the organization in February 2021 as an advisor stemmed from feeling undervalued and unheard, especially by figures like Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

Jackson changes Yankees' fortunes by signing free agent contract | Baseball  Hall of Fame

In a recent podcast interview with The New York Post’s Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman, Jackson reiterated his frustrations, stating that his insights on free agents, players, and organizational matters were largely ignored: “Nobody had any interest in what I had to say.” This departure had been brewing for a while, with Jackson feeling sidelined as his role diminished over the years. He desired to contribute more substantially, particularly in decisions shaping the team’s future talent pipeline.

Despite his departure, Jackson maintains a deep respect for the Steinbrenner family and feels he could return to the Yankees fold if he chose to. However, his current focus lies with the Astros, where he assists owner Jim Crane, whom he admires for his commitment to both winning and fostering a supportive and diverse environment.

During his time with the Yankees, Jackson’s contributions were significant, including winning two World Series titles and earning his second World Series MVP award in 1997. His statistics speak for themselves, with an impressive .281 batting average, 144 home runs, and 461 RBIs during the regular season. Now, his efforts are directed towards supporting the Astros on the major league front, a role where he feels his input is valued and appreciated.

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