May 27, 2024

According to a report, the Buffalo Bills were open to trading wide receiver Stefon Diggs, except to one specific team, as mentioned by Chris Simms on “Pro Football Talk.” Simms indicated that the Bills were willing to facilitate a trade for Diggs with various teams, but they adamantly refused to consider trading him to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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It’s evident that the Bills weren’t inclined to assist the Chiefs, especially considering their playoff encounters over recent seasons, all of which were won by Kansas City. Entertaining the idea of trading Diggs to a rival like the Chiefs would have been counterproductive and likely unpopular among fans.

Ultimately, the Houston Texans secured Diggs, enhancing their offensive arsenal. While there’s a risk of having him for only a year, the Bills will still have to contend with Diggs playing for an AFC rival that made the playoffs in 2023.

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