May 19, 2024

After an impressive showing throughout the 2023 NFL regular season and playoffs, the Houston Texans have emerged as one of the AFC’s top teams, sparking talk of potential Super Bowl contention in the near future.

Recognizing their championship window, particularly with standout quarterback C.J. Stroud’s stellar performance, the Texans have aggressively bolstered their roster on both offense and defense. Notable additions include star wide receiver Stefon Diggs and elite pass rusher Danielle Hunter.

5 Houston Texans players who could lose their jobs to rookies

In their pursuit of contention for the upcoming 2024 NFL season, the Texans have trimmed their roster, parting ways with wide receiver Alex Bachman, defensive end Myjai Sanders, and defensive back Josh Thompson, as reported by ProFootballTalk. This decisive action reflects the team’s commitment to assembling a competitive squad.

As the NFL Draft approaches on April 25, the Texans appear poised for further strategic moves. It remains to be seen if these offseason maneuvers will translate into success for the Texans, and whether they can indeed establish themselves as genuine contenders in the AFC in the upcoming season and beyond.

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