May 23, 2024

Broncos’ Assistant Coach Asserts Influence in Search for Team’s Next QB

In the Denver Broncos’ ongoing pursuit of a promising young quarterback, the close relationship between QB coach Davis Webb and head coach Sean Payton speaks volumes. Webb, a recent retiree at just 28, has swiftly transitioned into coaching NFL quarterbacks, and his presence alongside Payton at the combine underscores his pivotal role in the team’s quarterback evaluation process.

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Prospects who have met with Webb praise his coaching acumen, highlighting his ability to create an engaging environment for quarterbacks to showcase their skills and personalities. Despite the harsh reality that top prospects like Drake Maye and Caleb Williams may be out of reach for the Broncos, Webb remains committed to thoroughly assessing every quarterback he encounters.

Webb’s approach involves rigorous questioning and a focus on uncovering each quarterback’s true potential. Even quarterbacks like Michael Penix Jr., who faced intense scrutiny from Webb and Payton, acknowledge the value of their interactions.

J.J. McCarthy, a potential target for the Broncos, left his meeting with Webb and the coaching staff impressed, citing their energy and expertise. The rapport established with this year’s quarterback prospects is crucial for the Broncos as they navigate the decision-making process.

Sean Payton’s trust in Webb underscores the assistant coach’s importance in the team’s quest to find the right quarterback to lead them into the future. While the final decision rests with Payton, Webb’s input and creative approach provide a significant advantage in the selection process. As the April 25th draft approaches, all eyes are on the Broncos and their pursuit of their next franchise quarterback.

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