May 23, 2024

Atlanta Braves standout pitcher Spencer Strider is already recognized as one of the top performers in Major League Baseball.

While he didn’t boast the lowest ERA in 2023, coming in at 3.86, his ability to generate strikeouts sets him apart from other starters. Strider recorded an impressive 281 strikeouts in just 186.2 innings pitched last year.

Where does versatile flamethrower Spencer Strider fit in Braves' plans?

His pitching repertoire primarily revolves around his fastball, which serves as his go-to pitch, while his slider stands out as his most effective secondary offering. Although he occasionally utilizes a changeup, it makes up only a small fraction of his pitch selection, around seven percent of the time.

Despite his formidable arsenal, Strider’s reliance on primarily two pitches, coupled with occasional command issues, has left him vulnerable to home runs, particularly during the 2023 season.

In an effort to diversify his pitching repertoire and keep hitters guessing, Strider has diligently worked on adding a fourth pitch: a curveball. Initial impressions of this new addition have been promising, with observers noting its impressive command and notable break.

Sportswriter and researcher Eno Sarris commented on Twitter about Strider’s new curveball, praising its appearance and suggesting it could become a regular feature in his pitching arsenal.

While Strider showcased his curveball effectively during a recent spring training game, its usage and effectiveness in high-pressure situations during the regular season remain to be seen.

Nevertheless, Strider’s commitment to refining his craft and expanding his repertoire bodes well for his potential to achieve even greater success in the upcoming 2024 season, provided he remains healthy.

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