May 27, 2024

Astros Manager Joe Espada is demonstrating a straight forward and effective approach to communication with his players early in his tenure. Transitioning to a new manager often requires players to adapt to new communication styles, but Espada’s familiarity with many Astros players from his time as the team’s bench coach has facilitated relationship-building.

Houston Astros manager candidates: Who is Joe Espada?

According to reports from The Athletic, Espada has consistently displayed a direct approach throughout the offseason and spring training. Notably, he promptly named Josh Hader as the closer during spring training after discussing the decision with both Hader and Ryan Pressly to ensure alignment.

Espada also communicated with Yordan Alvarez about moving him to the second spot in the batting order, a decision initially met with surprise by Alvarez. Additionally, Espada reached out to Jake Meyers during the offseason to clarify the team’s plans for his playing time, providing reassurance and clarity.

Recognizing the significance of the manager-player relationship, Espada emphasizes the importance of his role in conveying team decisions. Drawing from his experiences working under previous Astros managers A.J. Hinch and Dusty Baker, both known for their strong communication skills, Espada aims to maintain open lines of communication with his players.

By leveraging his existing relationships and adopting a candid communication style, Espada hopes to continue the Astros’ tradition of effective player-manager communication, ultimately contributing to the team’s success.

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