May 20, 2024

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane are facing fresh challenges as they enter their eighth season with the team. Over the past seven seasons, the Bills have transformed into a consistently competitive force in the league.

Buffalo Bills 2023 Win Total Over/Under Odds

Since McDermott’s appointment in 2017, followed shortly by Beane’s, the Bills have clinched four division titles (2020-23), maintained the fourth-best winning percentage in the NFL (64%), and secured playoff berths six times. The pivotal decision to draft Josh Allen in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft marked a turning point for the franchise.

However, despite their success, the Bills have yet to reach the pinnacle of the sport by making it to the Super Bowl. While they made it to the AFC Championship Game once during this period, falling to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, they haven’t been able to advance further.

As the Bills strive to make that next leap forward, they face significant challenges, including a challenging salary cap situation and uncertainties across various positions on the roster.

“We’re frustrated as ever to win, and we’re going to do everything we can,” Beane emphasized during the NFL scouting combine. “Every year is its own year. And we know the challenge ahead, especially when you’ve won the division four times in a row. It’s not going to get easier.”

Despite the hurdles, McDermott and Beane remain optimistic, drawing on their experience and understanding of the obstacles ahead.

While the Bills have enjoyed notable stability, changes are underway for the 2024 season. This includes new coordinators, with Joe Brady stepping in as the full-time offensive coordinator and Bobby Babich promoted to defensive coordinator, a position that didn’t exist in 2023 when McDermott initially assumed playcalling duties. McDermott indicated that decisions regarding playcalling responsibilities are still being finalized.

In addition to coaching changes, the Bills are also grappling with their cap situation. Despite the increase in the league-wide cap to $255.4 million for 2024, the Bills remain roughly $40 million over the cap. Beane highlighted the need to find ways to create cap space while also retaining key free agents and avoiding long-term financial implications.

Navigating contracts, including Allen’s hefty deal, and addressing the futures of players like Micah Hyde and Tre’Davious White, presents further challenges. Tough decisions may lie ahead, with some players potentially facing reduced salaries or being released.

The Bills’ spending restrictions could also impact their ability to retain homegrown talent through the draft, a strategy that has contributed significantly to their success. Beane emphasized the importance of finding the right balance to avoid creating financial burdens while still retaining key players.

Adapting to these challenges, both on and off the field, will be crucial for the Bills as they seek to overcome the hurdles that have prevented them from reaching their ultimate goal in recent years.

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