May 27, 2024

Bulls head coach Billy Donovan recently discussed Coby White’s adjustment to his expanded role within the Chicago Bulls. This season has marked a significant period of growth for White, who initially faced challenges but has since emerged as one of the team’s top shooters.

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While White has showcased his talents in several standout performances this season, the transition to a larger role has presented its share of difficulties. As one of the primary offensive threats for the Bulls, White now faces heightened defensive attention from opponents’ top players, leading to occasional struggles.

Currently experiencing a shooting slump, White’s adaptation to his increased responsibilities is viewed by Donovan as a natural part of his development. Donovan highlighted White’s ongoing process of acclimating to the NBA and, more specifically, adjusting to his enhanced role within the Chicago Bulls.

Part of White’s growth has involved managing the physical demands of the NBA, particularly in handling back-to-back games, a challenge that many young players encounter. Donovan emphasized the importance of finding a balance between rigorous training and adequate rest to optimize performance.

Despite recent subpar performances, Donovan expressed confidence in White’s ability to navigate these challenges and continue progressing. White has consistently demonstrated a commitment to improvement since joining the Bulls, and Donovan believes he will soon rediscover his rhythm on the court.

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