May 27, 2024

Baker Mayfield shares his thoughts on Liam Coen, the reported new offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coen, formerly with the Los Angeles Rams and most recently the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Kentucky, emerged as the choice from eight candidates interviewed for the Bucs’ vacant offensive coordinator position. Mayfield, who worked with Coen in 2022, offered insights into their relationship and the offensive system.

Liam Coen set to become Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator - A Sea  Of Blue

During the Pro Bowl, Mayfield expressed his positive opinion of Coen, describing him as a great guy and praising their prior collaboration in Los Angeles. He highlighted the similarities between Coen’s system and the one Mayfield played under, emphasizing the importance of continuity for the offensive players. Mayfield acknowledged some variations in terminology but stressed the overall familiarity of the system.

When discussing Coen’s coaching style and playcalling, Mayfield portrayed him as straightforward and passionate. He appreciated the system’s approach, especially in how it sets up the run for the pass. Mayfield noted Coen’s intelligence, hardworking mindset, and the contagious energy that players feed off.

Regarding Mayfield’s involvement in the offensive coordinator search, he mentioned having limited influence, stating that the team conducted thorough research without relying heavily on his input. When asked about contract extension talks, Mayfield indicated that discussions are likely to intensify once Coen’s hiring is finalized.

With Coen’s familiarity with Mayfield and the positive relationship they shared during their time with the Rams, there is a growing likelihood that Mayfield will continue as the Buccaneers’ quarterback for the 2024 season and potentially beyond.

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