July 15, 2024

Derrick Henry, the standout running back for the Tennessee Titans, is currently enjoying the Pro Bowl festivities in Orlando, but this year’s event carries additional significance as he enters free agency for the first time in his career. Despite the uncertainty about his future, Henry expressed openness to a potential return to the Titans.

Alabama football legend, Shaun Alexander, wants Derrick Henry to go to a  Super Bowl contender - Touchdown Alabama - Alabama Football

In an interview with Jim Wyatt of tennesseetitans.com, Henry acknowledged receiving numerous questions about his upcoming season and free agency. Having spent his entire career as a Tennessee Titan and being a four-time Pro Bowler, Henry expressed his love for the team, the fans, and the city. This marks the first time he faces free agency, and he leaves the decision about his future in the hands of fate.

Turning 30 recently, an age when running backs typically experience declines, Henry showcased his prowess by rushing for over 150 yards in the Titans’ season finale. Titans coach Brian Callahan, optimistic about Henry’s future in a Titans uniform, described him as fitting into any offensive system and emphasized his significance as the face of the franchise.

Henry echoed his openness to a return, emphasizing the uniqueness of playing for the team he started his entire career with. While uncertain about the details of the coaching changes and the team’s plans, Henry expressed willingness to see what unfolds and leave it to fate.

Intriguingly, Henry sought insights about new Titans coach Brian Callahan from former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, one of the Pro Bowl coaches. Manning spoke highly of Callahan, citing a great coaching relationship, which resonated with Henry, given his admiration for Manning.

Throughout his eight seasons with the Titans, Henry garnered significant accolades, including Offensive Player of the Year, four Pro Bowl selections, and one first-team All-Pro honor. Despite expressing disappointment with the team’s performance this season, Henry showcased his talent with over 1,100 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns in 17 games.

As one of the Titans’ 24 free agents, Henry made $12.5 million in the previous season, concluding a four-year, $50-million deal. The uncertainty surrounding his contract and future with the Titans remains a central storyline as the offseason progresses.

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