May 27, 2024

Derek Carr has addressed criticism from his teammate Michael Thomas in one of his first public statements since the conclusion of the New Orleans Saints’ season. Speaking on the Two G’s in a Pod YouTube show hosted by former Raiders teammate James Jones, Carr expressed his love for Thomas and his hopes for Thomas to find fulfillment in life. However, Carr also admitted to not liking the public criticism and suggested a more direct and private approach would have been preferable.

Derek Carr Addresses Michael Thomas Comments | Yardbarker

Carr acknowledged that Thomas had posted several critical messages on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), blaming a “bad ball” for his season-ending injury and implying dissatisfaction with the Saints’ targeting strategy. Carr urged Thomas to communicate directly, stating that airing such grievances publicly felt reminiscent of a middle school situation and emphasizing the need for open communication.

Regarding Thomas’ injury, Carr acknowledged the frustration Thomas faced dealing with recurring injuries over the years and the toll it took on him mentally and emotionally. Carr also discussed the play where Thomas sustained the knee injury, admitting that the ball might not have been perfect but expressing his acceptance of Thomas’ perspective on the matter.

Carr touched on the evolving dynamics in the team, mentioning the presence of Chris Olave and the team’s efforts to train him as the No. 1 receiver. He recognized that this shift in focus could contribute to Thomas’ frustration, compounded by dealing with injuries and the challenges of adapting to changes in the team.

While acknowledging that there were moments of frustration during the season, Carr emphasized his preference for direct communication, indicating that he would address issues with Thomas privately rather than airing them on social media. Carr noted that he has always aimed to speak the truth with love, even if it wasn’t always well-received by others.

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