May 19, 2024

Here are four potential replacements for Anders Carlson as the Green Bay Packers’ kicker in 2024:

  1. Nick Folk, Free Agent:
    • In his age-39 season, Nick Folk, a sixth-round pick from the 2007 NFL Draft, defies expectations as the most accurate kicker in football.
    • With a remarkable 91.8% success rate on field-goal attempts from 2020 to 2023, Folk has proven consistency.
    • Notably, Folk is comfortable kicking in cold weather, a crucial factor for the Packers, as he demonstrated during his time with the Patriots and Titans.

Patriots trading veteran kicker Nick Folk to Titans

  1. Ka’imi Fairbairn, Free Agent:
    • Ka’imi Fairbairn, a seven-season veteran with the Houston Texans, boasts impressive accuracy, making 96.4% of field-goal attempts and 95.5% of extra-point attempts in 2023.
    • Although Fairbairn may need to adjust to colder conditions, his consistent performance over the past two seasons, with a 94.9% accuracy rate on field goals, makes him a top free agency option for the Packers.
  2. Will Reichard, Alabama Crimson Tide:
    • Will Reichard, a two-time All-SEC kicker from the Alabama Crimson Tide, brings experience in high-pressure situations.
    • Despite a rocky start in 2019 and a brief rough spell in 2021, Reichard rebounded to become the NCAA’s all-time points leader and drill 86.3% of his 51 field-goal attempts in his final two seasons.
    • Reichard’s track record suggests both accuracy and composure in challenging scenarios.
  3. Cam Little, Arkansas Razorbacks (2024 NFL Draft):
    • A potential draft choice for the Packers, Cam Little from the Arkansas Razorbacks, offers consistency and accuracy.
    • Standing at 6-foot-2, Little made at least 81% of his field-goal attempts in three consecutive seasons, showcasing both leg strength and precision.
    • His best performance came as a junior, converting 4-of-5 attempts from 50-plus yards in 2023, underscoring his ability to handle longer kicks

Considering the struggles faced by Anders Carlson, these options present viable alternatives to fortify the Packers’ kicking game in 2024.

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