May 27, 2024

NBA Insider Discloses Lakers’ Requirements for Austin Reaves Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers have communicated their reluctance to trade guard Austin Reaves in the near future, as indicated by insights from NBA insider Jovan Buha. Sources close to the team reveal that for the Lakers to entertain the idea of parting ways with Reaves, they would demand a prominent return, such as a clear-cut All-Star surpassing the caliber of players like Dejounte Murray or Zach LaVine, or multiple improvements to their rotation.

Austin Reaves Hits Game-Winner for Lakers As Unlikely Season Continues


“While Reaves isn’t officially off-limits, the Lakers hold him in high regard and have no intention of trading him, according to information from both team and league sources. His contract is cost-controlled and team-friendly for at least the next two seasons.”

In the absence of suitable options in the market, the Lakers appear inclined to retain Reaves and capitalize on his contributions. Despite not being officially labeled as untouchable, the Lakers highly value him and are uninterested in parting ways, particularly considering his cost-controlled and team-friendly contract that extends for at least two more seasons.

Reaves, initially anticipated to be a sought-after free agent in the previous offseason, ultimately re-signed with the Lakers on a favorable four-year, $54 million deal. This contract has increased his appeal, making him a coveted asset leading up to the trade deadline. Reports suggest that the Lakers engaged in discussions with the Atlanta Hawks regarding a potential trade for Dejounte Murray; however, the reluctance to include Reaves in any deal has reportedly slowed down negotiations.

Enjoying a career year, Reaves has displayed versatility by averaging 15.0 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game. His efficient shooting, both from the field and beyond the arc, further enhances his value, positioning him as a significant contributor alongside stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

While not entirely ruling out the possibility of including Reaves in a trade package for a star player, the Lakers’ firm stance indicates their intent to retain the young guard, leveraging his skill set and favorable contract to strengthen their roster for future seasons. The recent trade eligibility of Reaves, as of January 15, adds complexity and possibilities to the ongoing trade discussions in the NBA landscape.

Lakers Face Urgent Need for Shooting

The Los Angeles Lakers are grappling with a significant deficiency in three-point shooting, a crucial aspect of modern NBA play. Ranked 28th in the league in three-point attempts per game and 19th in three-point shooting percentage at 35.9%, the Lakers are struggling from beyond the arc. This shooting shortfall has become more apparent as the team finds themselves at the bottom of the league in three-point makes per game.

Complicating matters is the apparent lack of pursuit of notable shooters in the trade market. Despite the pressing need for improved shooting, the Lakers haven’t been linked to any established sharpshooters in recent discussions.

Even in potential trade talks involving players like Dejounte Murray, who doesn’t have a reputation for exceptional three-point shooting, and Zach LaVine, where Lakers’ interest seems to have dwindled, the focus on acquiring proficient shooters remains elusive.

This leaves the Lakers in a perplexing situation where the need for better shooting is evident, but the team’s actions or lack thereof in the market suggest a different narrative. Reliable shooters, even if not superstars or stars, are crucial for the Lakers to enhance their offensive capabilities. The addition of role players, particularly 3-and-D specialists, could significantly bolster the team’s chances, providing spacing and scoring options around their star players.

The uncertainty surrounding the Lakers’ approach raises questions about the team’s strategy. Whether General Manager Rob Pelinka is deliberately keeping potential moves under wraps, preparing to unveil surprises, or if the Lakers are genuinely not prioritizing the acquisition of shooters, remains to be seen. As the trade deadline approaches, the Lakers’ stance on addressing their shooting woes will undoubtedly be a focal point of speculation and analysis in the NBA landscape.

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