May 19, 2024

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A former NBA champion, Richard Jefferson, has criticized the shot selection of Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, suggesting that they should focus more on attacking the rim. Jefferson’s remarks came in response to the Celtics’ recent loss to the Denver Nuggets, where Tatum and Brown struggled with a 2-of-17 shooting performance from the perimeter, showing little inclination to drive to the basket during the game.

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Despite Boston’s current ranking as the third-best offense in the NBA, criticism has been directed at coach Joe Mazzulla for the team’s heavy reliance on perimeter shooting, leading the league in attempts according to Cleaning The Glass. While Brown is recognized as one of the league’s most athletic transition scorers, and Tatum has demonstrated improved finishing at the basket this season, both players have the capability to apply pressure inside against elite defenses.

However, the physical toll of interior finishing, coupled with the risk of injury, is acknowledged. Tatum and Brown, known for their proficiency in mid-range and perimeter shooting, may be making judicious shot selections, particularly in the middle of January.

Despite currently ranking 26th in the NBA for the frequency of attacking the rim, the Celtics have room for improvement in diversifying their offensive strategies. Nevertheless, Mazzulla’s coaching philosophy emphasizes a significant volume of perimeter shots, a system that has proven successful so far. The Celtics boast the best record in the NBA, only reaching double-digit losses on January 19, and maintaining a formidable 20-1 record on their home court.

As long as Boston continues to accumulate victories, Mazzulla appears unlikely to alter his game plan, even if it draws additional criticism. The ultimate measure of success, in his eyes, would be a return to the NBA Finals for the Celtics, marking their second appearance in three seasons.

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