July 18, 2024

In a major development for the Seattle Seahawks, head coach Pete Carroll has announced his departure from the team after 14 seasons. Carroll, who took over the Seahawks in 2010, has been instrumental in transforming the team into a consistent playoff contender and leading them to their first Super Bowl victory in the 2013 season​

Carroll’s decision to step down has shocked many in the NFL community, given his long-standing tenure and success with the Seahawks. Under his guidance, the team made numerous playoff appearances and developed a reputation for their strong defense and innovative offensive strategies. Carroll, 72, cited a desire to spend more time with his family and focus on personal endeavors as key factors in his decision​

Pete Carroll signs contract to stay with Seahawks through 2025 season | The  Seattle Times

The Seahawks have already begun their search for a new head coach, aiming to build on the foundation Carroll has established. Among the potential candidates are several prominent coordinators and former head coaches who have expressed interest in the position

This coaching change marks the end of an era for the Seahawks and the beginning of a new chapter. Fans and players alike are awaiting further announcements from the team regarding Carroll’s successor and the future direction of the franchise.

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