July 18, 2024

Arizona Wildcats head coach Jedd Fisch has officially left the program to become the head coach at Washington. His departure has led to some upheaval within the team, with players expressing disappointment and frustration over the sudden move. Fisch’s announcement was brief and left many players feeling unsettled about the future​

To fill the vacancy, Arizona has signed Brent Brennan, previously the head coach at San Jose State. Brennan’s appointment follows a competitive process where he was a finalist back in 2020 before Fisch was initially hired. Brennan, who has a background in offensive coaching and has led San Jose State to multiple winning seasons, brings a wealth of experience despite a mixed record of 34-48 with the Spartans​.

Arizona's Jedd Fisch should be a top Coach of the Year candidate

The transition period will be closely watched as Brennan takes over the program, aiming to build on the recent success and navigate the challenges left in the wake of Fisch’s unexpected exit. Players and fans alike are hopeful that Brennan’s leadership can maintain the momentum and stability needed for the Wildcats’ future success.

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