June 14, 2024

Yankees Considering Trade for Mets’ Luis Severino

Luis Severino might not stay with the Mets for the entire season, but he could remain in New York through a trade. His performance has improved significantly, with a 3.48 ERA over nine starts and 51 2/3 innings. However, the Mets’ underwhelming 21-25 start suggests they might not be contenders this season, making Severino a valuable trade asset by the July 30 deadline.

In a conversation with ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian, Buster Olney identified Severino as a potential target for the Yankees, who might be seeking another starting pitcher despite their strong season.

“There’s an interesting name emerging… Luis Severino is getting better,” Olney mentioned on the “Baseball Tonight” podcast. “I told him he might be like Nathan Eovaldi, who had a great arm early in his career and then learned to be a savvy pitcher. Severino could be that guy. He knows how to pitch in New York, so he might be someone the Yankees target.”

The Yankees, boasting a 33-15 record and the third-best ERA in baseball at 3.00, don’t have a pressing need for pitching but could benefit from adding a capable arm like Severino’s.

The Mets had signed Severino to a one-year, $13 million contract in the offseason, hoping to tap into his potential. In 2017-18, Severino was one of baseball’s top pitchers, earning Cy Young votes both years and finishing third in 2017 with a 2.98 ERA over 193 1/3 innings. He also performed well in 2018 with a 3.39 ERA over 191 1/3 innings.

Meet the Yankees' new Luis Severino, almost as good as ever

However, from 2019-23, his performance was hindered by health issues, pitching only 209 1/3 innings and posting a 6.65 ERA in 2023. This season, Severino has been steady, though not spectacular. His fastball averages 95.9 mph, and he has incorporated a power sinker, resulting in a career-high 55.8% ground ball rate. Despite this, he has struggled with control, recording his highest walk rate of 10.5% in any season with at least nine starts, and his strikeout rate remains low at 20.1%, slightly up from last year’s 18.9%. His expected ERA is 3.74, with a FIP of 3.97.

Kurkjian noted, “They would bring him back. Sure, they would bring him back,” indicating the Yankees’ potential interest in re-acquiring Severino.

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