June 14, 2024

Former Saints WR Michael Thomas Seen as a Logical Fit for Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are considering ways to bolster their wide receiver lineup, and free agent Michael Thomas, formerly of the New Orleans Saints, has emerged as a notable option. While the Cowboys already have one of the league’s top wideouts in CeeDee Lamb, modern NFL offenses need multiple impactful receivers. Lamb’s absence from voluntary workouts amid contract negotiations further underscores the need for additional talent.

Currently, Brandin Cooks serves as a reliable secondary option, though his peak years are likely behind him. Beyond Cooks, the depth chart is concerning, with Jalen Tolbert, the current WR3, showing only modest improvement in his second year. The Cowboys also drafted Ryan Flournoy, but the need for more proven receivers remains clear.

Michael Thomas as a Potential Addition

With few free agents available at this stage in the offseason, ESPN recently suggested that Thomas could be a strategic fit for the Cowboys. Despite health concerns limiting him to just 20 games over the past four seasons, Thomas has the potential to contribute significantly when healthy. He caught 39 passes for 448 yards and a touchdown in 2023.

Thomas, who entered the NFL in 2016 and quickly made a mark, leading the league in receptions in 2018 and 2019, and in receiving yards in 2019, could be a valuable addition. In Mike McCarthy’s offense, he could compete with Tolbert for the WR3 role and provide depth alongside Lamb and Cooks.

Michael Thomas, Marcus Maye among 13 remaining Saints free agents

Injury Concerns and Potential Impact

Health is the primary concern with Thomas, as highlighted by his limited play over recent seasons. However, his experience and ability to perform at multiple levels of the field when fit make him a viable candidate for a one-year deal with the Cowboys. His presence could not only elevate the team’s performance but also offer mentorship to younger players like Tolbert.

Fit Within the Cowboys’ Roster

The Cowboys’ recent acquisition of Brandin Cooks shows their willingness to add experienced talent without hindering Lamb’s role as the primary receiver. Thomas could further enhance the receiving corps, providing a more solid WR3 option and raising the overall floor of the position group.

In summary, adding Michael Thomas could address the Cowboys’ depth concerns at wide receiver and offer valuable experience and leadership, making him a logical fit for the team as they aim to strengthen their offense.

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