June 14, 2024

The Dallas Cowboys appear to be entering a new era, with several young players emerging as potential future cornerstones of the team. As Tyron Smith leaves to join the New York Jets, the Cowboys bid farewell to their longest-tenured player. Additionally, Zack Martin and DeMarcus Lawrence, both in the final year of their contracts, may also depart after the 2024 season.

Losing three key veterans in such a short span would be challenging, considering the leadership and experience they bring. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ management must balance current performance with future planning. Fortunately, the team seems to be preparing for this transition by fostering a youth movement.

Among the young talent, CeeDee Lamb and Tyler Smith stand out on offense as potential cornerstone players. Both are young and highly regarded in their positions, and securing Lamb long-term would solidify their offensive foundation.

Looking ahead, Tyler Guyton and Cooper Beebe show promise but have yet to prove themselves as cornerstone players. Uncertainty surrounds Dak Prescott’s future with the team, making it difficult to consider him a cornerstone at this time.

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Defensively, Micah Parsons is an undeniable talent who could be a foundational player if locked up long-term. Trevon Diggs’ potential as a cornerstone depends on his recovery from last season’s ACL injury. DaRon Bland’s versatility is valuable, but it’s unclear if he’s a player to build the defense around, especially if Diggs can return to form.

Overall, while the Cowboys have several young, talented players who might become the next Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, or DeMarcus Lawrence, it remains to be seen if they can fully step into those roles. The team’s future looks promising, but time will tell if these players can become key members and long-term fixtures like their predecessors. What do you think?

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