May 19, 2024

Trading David Savard makes sense for the Montreal Canadiens due to their deep defensive roster and the potential benefits of acquiring assets in return. Savard, a seasoned veteran with playoff experience, still has value to offer, but his age suggests a diminishing window for championship contention. While his leadership and experience benefit young blueliners, the Canadiens must balance the need for development with the desire to capitalize on Savard’s current trade value.

While management likely respects Savard’s contributions, they are also focused on improving the team’s competitiveness. With General Manager Kent Hughes committed to maximizing the team’s potential, trading Savard while his value is high presents an opportunity to strengthen the roster.

David Savard - Wikipedia

Although Savard’s departure would leave a void, the Canadiens have promising defensive prospects eager to step up, such as Justin Barron, David Reinbacher, Logan Mailloux, Jordan Harris, Arber Xhekaj, and Jonathan Kovacevic. Thus, moving Savard this offseason could foster internal competition and provide an opportunity for young players to prove themselves.

While Savard’s experience and reliability make him difficult to replace, they also make him an appealing asset for potential trade partners. While the ideal time to move him may be at the Trade Deadline if playoff contention is uncertain, making a move this offseason allows the Canadiens to capitalize on his current value and promote competition within the organization.

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