July 18, 2024

Montreal Canadiens Head Coach Martin St-Louis Announces Decision Amidst Speculation

Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis has announced his decision to take a personal leave from the team, stirring significant speculation and concern among fans and the hockey community. St-Louis’s decision to step away from his coaching duties comes as a result of a family-related issue, specifically to support his son, Mason, who recently suffered a hockey injury requiring hospitalization.

St-Louis expressed gratitude towards the Canadiens organization for their support during this challenging time. He thanked Geoff Molson, Jeff Gorton, Kent Hughes, and Trevor Letowski, along with the players, coaches, and staff, for their understanding and assistance, allowing him to focus on his family. In his statement, St-Louis highlighted the importance of family and appreciated the privacy granted by the organization and fans​.

Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis rejoins team after personal leave


During his absence, assistant coach Trevor Letowski will take over the head coaching responsibilities. Letowski, who has been part of the Canadiens’ coaching staff, is expected to maintain the team’s operations smoothly while St-Louis is away​.

St-Louis, who took over as head coach midway through the 2021-22 season, has been instrumental in shaping the Canadiens’ rebuild. Under his leadership, the team has shown resilience and a strong work ethic, characteristics that have endeared him to both players and fans alike.

The hockey community and Canadiens fans have rallied in support of St-Louis, sending well wishes for his son’s recovery and expressing understanding of his need to prioritize family over professional duties during this period. The Canadiens will continue their season with Letowski at the helm, looking to build on the foundations laid by St-Louis until his return​​.

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