May 27, 2024

The Montreal Canadiens have been eyeing Ivan Demidov for a while now, and recently, there’s been a buzz in Montreal surrounding him. Many see him as a top-three pick in the upcoming draft. However, there’s speculation that he might slip to the fifth spot, which happens to be the Canadiens’ pick.

The team has shown consistent interest in Demidov, as discussed by various sources. There’s even debate about whether the Canadiens should trade up to secure him at the second spot.

The message is clear: if the Canadiens’ management fears losing out on Demidov, they should do whatever it takes to acquire him. Kent Hughes, the GM, has the resources to make such a move if he’s committed to adding Demidov’s talent to the team.

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Hughes’ overarching strategy is to infuse the roster with natural talent, and Demidov fits that bill perfectly for an NHL team.

Ultimately, Hughes should stick to his plan. If bringing in someone like Demidov can benefit the team in the long run, then it’s worth pursuing, even if it means paying a steep price. The opportunity to secure top talent won’t last forever, and now is the time for the Canadiens to make a bold move.

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