May 27, 2024

The Montreal Canadiens have had their eye on Ivan Demidov for quite some time now. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion in Montreal surrounding him. Many view him as a strong contender for a top-three pick in the upcoming draft. However, according to my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois, there’s a possibility that the Russian prospect could fall to the fifth overall pick, which belongs to the Canadiens. This is significant because the Habs have a keen interest in Demidov.

During a segment on TSN 690, Mitch Gallo and Sean Campbell debated whether the Canadiens should trade up to the second overall pick to secure Demidov. The underlying argument here is that if General Manager Kent Hughes and his team are concerned about potentially losing Demidov, they should pull out all the stops to acquire him.

Hughes has the resources and capability to make such a move if he truly desires to draft Demidov. His primary objective is to infuse natural talent into the team, and Demidov fits the bill perfectly for an NHL roster. Therefore, it’s crucial for Hughes to stick to his plan.

Ivan Demidov - Stats, Contract, Salary & More

If adding someone like Ivan Demidov can benefit the team in the long run, then they should pursue him aggressively. Opportunities to select top talent in the draft don’t come around often, and now is the ideal moment for the Canadiens to make a bold move, regardless of the cost.

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