May 27, 2024

Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald continues to steer the team away from the Pete Carroll era with significant adjustments already evident in Seattle practices. While Macdonald may not explicitly state it, he likely perceives a fundamental issue with the team’s focus in recent seasons, particularly a diversion from the core priority: football. An illustrative move is Macdonald’s decision to remove the basketball hoop from the meeting room at the VMAC, signaling a shift towards emphasizing attention to the spoken content rather than engaging in casual basketball games.

Furthermore, Macdonald appears to advocate for more focused practices compared to previous years. A notable change observed during the recent rookie minicamp is the reduction in the volume of music played during practice sessions. This adjustment, as reported by the Seattle Times, underscores Macdonald’s belief that practice should prioritize communication over the distraction of anticipating the next song.

Seattle Seahawks News 2/2: Mike Macdonald introduces himself to the  Seahawks Faithful - Field Gulls

While Pete Carroll’s tenure yielded considerable success for the Seahawks, recent seasons saw diminishing returns, with two playoff misses in the last three years. While Carroll fostered a culture of individual expression and a relaxed atmosphere, he seemed reluctant to adapt when faced with challenges.

In contrast, Macdonald aims to ensure that his coaching message remains clear and prominent amidst the practice environment, free from distractions like loud music. While music will still have a place in practice, Macdonald intends to convey to players that practice serves a crucial purpose beyond entertainment: preparation and improvement for upcoming challenges. Ultimately, the effectiveness of these changes will be evaluated as the team takes to the field in the upcoming season

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