May 23, 2024

Ivan Demidov is catching the attention of the Canadiens ahead of the upcoming draft. While their ideal scenario involves securing the chance to draft Macklin Celebrini, the likelihood of that happening seems slim, with projections indicating they’ll draft between second and seventh place in 91.5% of scenarios.

In the event they miss out on Celebrini, they’ll still have their sights set on a forward, given the abundance of early-drafted defensemen. Among the forwards they’re eyeing is Demidov, a highly regarded Russian player known for his versatility and compared favorably to Matvei Michkov. Unlike Michkov, Demidov holds a shorter contract, which adds to his appeal.

Ivan Demidov - Stats, Contract, Salary & More

Despite their past reservations with Michkov, the Canadiens view Demidov differently and would eagerly select him if given the opportunity. They may even be willing to trade up in the draft to secure him, showcasing their high regard for his talent.

This proactive approach aligns with their offseason strategy of leveraging their surplus of defensemen to bolster their forward lineup. With plans to make moves during the summer, the Canadiens are poised for an active and potentially transformative offseason.

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