May 27, 2024

Former National Championship rivals Jack Westover from Washington and A.J. Barner from Michigan have now become teammates with the Seattle Seahawks. Their last encounter on the football field was in the National Championship game on January 8th, where Barner’s Michigan emerged victorious. Despite their previous rivalry, they now find themselves united in the tight end room for the Seahawks.

While Barner, a fourth-round draft pick, is expected to see more immediate playing time, he expresses excitement about teaming up with Westover, who went undrafted from Washington. Barner values their pre-existing friendship and mutual understanding of Seattle, as Westover hails from the area.

Jack Westover, Washington, Tight End

Despite their different playing styles – Barner as a blocking tight end standing at 6-6, and Westover as a more receiving-oriented player – they complement each other well. Westover boasts impressive receiving stats from his time at Washington, including 46 receptions for 433 yards and four touchdowns in his final season. Their existing camaraderie gives them an advantage as they navigate their rookie offseason together, potentially paving the way for them to share the field as teammates rather than opponents come fall.

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