May 19, 2024

This morning, reports indicated that Juraj Slafkovsky remained in Montreal for medical reasons, as per Slovak journalist Tomas Prokop. Naturally, there was speculation about whether the Canadiens player had undergone surgery given the circumstances. However, with his expected return next Monday for the World Championship, it was quickly deduced that it was unlikely to be a major operation.

Upon further inquiry by colleague Maxime Truman, it was confirmed that Slafkovsky would not be undergoing surgery, which is a relief considering his recent injury during his first NHL season. It’s certainly preferable for him to finish the season in good health.

Juraj Slafkovsky vows to return to Canadiens as more complete player | Montreal Gazette

Similarly, David Reinbacher was rumored to require surgery after missing the Laval Rocket’s last game due to an injury sustained during a previous match. However, Truman discovered that surgery would not be necessary for Reinbacher, despite initial concerns.

Both players’ avoidance of surgery means they can have a normal summer and, ideally, be in good shape for training camp. This outcome likely aligns with the Canadiens’ wishes for their young prospects.

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