May 20, 2024

After the Phoenix Suns’ disappointing sweep by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2024 NBA playoffs, there’s a pressing need to scrutinize potential replacements for Frank Vogel. A recent report indicated discomfort from Kevin Durant within the Suns’ offensive system, coupled with locker room discontent evident when Vogel’s coaching methods were met with eye-rolling after a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on April 9.

Given this context, a fresh perspective in the locker room could be pivotal if stars like Durant, Booker, and Beal are to steer Phoenix back to the NBA Finals following a three-year absence.

Here, we explore four candidates who seem most compatible with Durant and the Suns:

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  1. Charles Lee, Assistant Coach of the Boston Celtics Charles Lee is highly regarded among NBA assistant coaches and has drawn interest from other teams, including the Charlotte Hornets. Having previously met with the Suns in 2023, Phoenix’s keenness on Lee is evident. With his reputation and potential, Lee is expected to attract attention during the coaching carousel, and Phoenix’s interest is likely if he doesn’t land in Charlotte.
  2. Mike Budenholzer, Former Head Coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Despite being let go by the Bucks in 2023, Budenholzer brings championship experience and could be a strong option for Phoenix. While he was a finalist for the Brooklyn Nets job previously, Budenholzer’s expertise could align well with the Suns’ star-studded roster.
  3. Adrian Griffin, Former Interim Head Coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Griffin demonstrated his coaching prowess during his stint with the Bucks, achieving a commendable record despite his departure. His success in Milwaukee suggests he could offer the leadership Phoenix needs. Although not the top choice, Griffin remains a viable candidate for the Suns’ coaching vacancy.
  4. J.J. Redick, ESPN Analyst and Former NBA Player Redick’s transition from player to analyst has showcased his basketball acumen, making him a contender for coaching roles. With serious consideration from other teams like the Charlotte Hornets, Redick’s potential coaching prowess is evident, despite his lack of coaching experience. While a gamble, Redick’s insights and potential could make him a compelling option for the Suns.

Ultimately, whether Phoenix opts for an established coach or takes a chance on a newcomer like Redick will likely hinge on their desire to succeed immediately or invest in long-term growth.

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