May 20, 2024

The Pirates are struggling to break free from their offensive slump, especially during their recent games in the Bay Area. Despite some better swings, they couldn’t muster enough hits to overcome the Athletics on Tuesday night, ultimately losing 5-2.

Manager Derek Shelton acknowledged the team’s efforts but lamented their inability to deliver in clutch moments, unlike their opponents. Tyler Nevin’s two-out hit in the second inning set the tone for the A’s early lead, a lead they maintained throughout the game. Mitch Keller, despite finding his rhythm later in the game, couldn’t prevent the early damage, leading to his frustration.

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Keller’s performance, while not disastrous, reflects a broader issue for the Pirates: their offense has been inconsistent, scoring two runs or fewer in 11 of their last 14 games. Despite Keller’s efforts, he hasn’t lived up to his All-Star form from the previous season, with a higher ERA than expected.

Keller, however, remains optimistic, focusing on his process and trusting that better outcomes will follow. While acknowledging his role in the team’s struggles, he emphasizes the collective effort needed for improvement.

Shelton concurs that the team’s struggles lie primarily in their offensive production rather than Keller’s pitching. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining confidence and perseverance through rough patches.

Looking ahead, Keller and the Pirates are hopeful for a turnaround, believing in their ability to overcome adversity and return to winning ways.

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