May 23, 2024

Here’s the scoop for the Washington Commanders in the ‘Way-Too-Early’ Mock 2025 NFL Draft: It’s a mixed bag. On the bright side, they’re slated for a top 10 pick again, potentially landing at No. 6. This could mean an early selection for fans who prefer not to stay up late for draft day. However, this also suggests another challenging season ahead for the team.

3'x5' Washington Commanders Flag – Service First Products

In the 2024 draft, Washington aimed to bolster their offensive line, and it seems they’ll continue this focus into 2025. The pick is projected to be Kelvin Banks Jr., a promising left tackle from Texas known for his stellar pass-blocking abilities. Banks boasts impressive stats and ranks among the top in college football for pass protection.

What’s particularly appealing for Washington supporters is that Banks is already a left tackle, fitting neatly into the team’s needs without requiring any position adjustments.

Meanwhile, the draft outlook places the New York Giants at No. 5 and the Carolina Panthers at No. 1, continuing their streak.

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