May 27, 2024

‘Two Key Figures on the Market’ – Urgency Surrounds Theo and Maignan’s Future

In the aftermath of AC Milan’s disappointing exit from the Europa League and their defeat in the derby, the fallout persists, with reports indicating that two standout players are now on the transfer list.

According to today’s issue of La Gazzetta dello Sport, the defeat against Inter on Monday evening had detrimental effects on Maignan and Theo, who are considered essential figures within the team.

The goalkeeper conceded two goals, with suggestions that he could have done better on the second one. His leadership seems to have diminished amidst the team’s string of negative results. Meanwhile, the full-back ended the match on edge, resulting in his dismissal following an altercation with Denzel Dumfries.

GdS: Maignan and Theo make key errors as Milan's French core struggle vs.  Liverpool

With the season nearing its end and a potential change in coaching staff looming, discussions regarding the future of these two Frenchmen are becoming increasingly complex, oscillating between contract extensions and the possibility of attracting big-name replacements.

Time is of the essence for both Maignan and Theo due to the looming expiration of their contracts in June 2026. Despite having two years remaining, Milan is urged to act swiftly, considering past experiences.

The objective is to secure contract extensions for both players before the start of the next season; otherwise, complications may arise. Although both players express contentment at Milan, recent seasons’ progress and the impending end of Pioli’s tenure could influence their decisions.

Maignan, driven by a desire for trophies, has seen his faith in Milan’s project dwindle after two trophy-less seasons, potentially affecting his performances. Conversely, Theo, who has been content at Milan, has experienced a recent decline, coinciding with Paolo Maldini’s departure and the uncertainty surrounding Pioli’s future.

Initial discussions with both players have commenced. Maignan seeks a salary equivalent to that of Rafael Leao, the highest-paid player in the squad, representing a significant increase. On the other hand, Theo, having already extended his contract once, prioritizes the project over financial considerations.

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding contract renewals, both players are set to showcase their talents in the European Championship before the summer transfer window opens, with top European clubs, including Bayern Munich and PSG, monitoring their situations closely. Premier League clubs are also poised to make potential moves.

Ultimately, the decision lies with the players themselves, as highlighted by recent statements from Giorgio Furlani. However, Milan will only entertain offers meeting specific criteria: €100m for Maignan and €100m for Theo.

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