May 19, 2024

There’s growing optimism about Mark Sears potentially rejoining Alabama Basketball for the upcoming 2024-25 season, and it could prove financially wise for the talented Crimson Tide player. Despite NBA interest not being absent for Sears, most projections place him in the middle of the second round or even potentially undrafted. However, even in the latter scenario, Sears is anticipated to secure one of the NBA’s 2-Way contracts.

These contracts involve primarily playing in the NBA’s G-League, with each NBA team able to sign three players to such deals, occasionally leading to NBA game appearances. Former Alabama player JD Davison transitioned to the pros with a 2-Way contract from the Celtics and has seen action in 20 NBA games over two seasons.

Mark Sears (@imcsears) / X

Although the compensation for a 2-Way deal is approximately $560,000 per year, it lacks guaranteed status, unlike contracts for first-round NBA draftees. Considering Sears might not secure a high enough draft position in the second round for a guaranteed contract, Alabama has the advantage of offering him a locked-in salary of half-a-million dollars.

The source generating this speculation, basketball expert Jeff Goodman, is reputable and not to be confused with another Goodman known for questionable reporting. Goodman suggested during a recent YouTube conversation that Sears would return if he doesn’t receive a guaranteed NBA contract. He also highlighted Alabama Basketball’s increased NIL funds, now ranging from $2.5M to $3M, indicating Nate Oats’ program has substantial resources.

With Sears being a beloved figure among Alabama basketball fans, his return would be warmly welcomed, especially if he can’t secure a guaranteed NBA deal. Sears faces a deadline of May 29th to decide on entering the draft, with the option to return to college if undrafted, which must be exercised the Monday after the draft. Should Sears be drafted beyond the top 40 or so players, without a guaranteed contract, his collegiate career would conclude.

Therefore, Sears must choose between a guaranteed NBA contract or a return to Alabama, with the decision deadline set for May 29th.

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