May 19, 2024

Insider Suggests Potential ‘Swap’ of Pete Alonso for Juan Soto: Yankees and Mets Could Exchange Slugger Talents

According to New York baseball insider Jon Heyman, there’s a conceivable scenario where the New York Yankees and the Mets could execute a quasi-swap involving star sluggers Pete Alonso and Juan Soto. While not a conventional trade between the two teams, the concept revolves around the Mets acquiring Soto from the Bronx and the Yankees securing Alonso from Queens.

The rationale behind this hypothetical scenario stems from the Mets’ contentment with Alonso, coupled with their interest in re-signing him. However, Heyman posits that the Mets might explore the possibility of pursuing Soto, a younger and more versatile hitter than Alonso. Should discussions progress, resulting in the Mets signing Soto, the Yankees would then seek a replacement.

Given the financial implications of signing both Alonso and Soto, Alonso could serve as a viable alternative for the Yankees. Despite not matching Soto’s discipline at the plate, Alonso offers formidable power. Heyman’s commentary in the New York Post reflects on the plausibility of this potential exchange: “Could star sluggers Pete Alonso of the Mets and Juan Soto of the Yankees trade places this winter? While the most probable scenario has one or both star free agents staying put, the possibility of the mega-stars swapping teams shouldn’t be dismissed outright.”

Pete Alonso talks Juan Soto, who loves hitting at Citi Field

Potential Arrival of Alonso as Second Choice for Yankees

Alonso, a three-time All-Star at 29 years old, presents an appealing option for the Yankees or any team in search of a premier slugger. With impressive durability and consistent productivity over his five MLB seasons, Alonso has established himself as a reliable power hitter. He notably led the league in home runs during his rookie season in 2019 and has maintained high home run totals in subsequent seasons, despite hitting .217 last season.

Alonso’s anticipated contract varies among projections, with estimates suggesting a potential eight-year, $225 million deal with the Mets.

Prospective Record Deal for Juan Soto

In contrast, Soto’s anticipated contract commands attention for its potential record-breaking magnitude. Demonstrating exceptional performance and on-base prowess, Soto is heralded as an offensive force, leading the league in walks and on-base percentage. His impressive track record includes hitting 160 home runs over seven seasons, with a career-high 35 homers in 2023.

Soto’s anticipated contract could surpass $400 million, with projections suggesting a staggering 12-year, $408 million deal. Heyman suggests that the Yankees might even offer a record-breaking contract to retain Soto’s services, given his impactful contributions and burgeoning connection with fans.

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