May 23, 2024

A former NBA player, Eddie House, made a bold assertion regarding the Los Angeles Lakers’ playoff prospects. Despite their current position still uncertain, the Lakers appear confident as they prepare to face the New Orleans Pelicans, a team they recently defeated convincingly and have historically dominated. Even in the event of a loss, they retain an opportunity to secure a playoff spot by contending for the No. 8 seed against either the Sacramento Kings or Golden State Warriors.

Speculation abounds among fans and analysts, with some suggesting that the Lakers might benefit from intentionally losing to the Pelicans to avoid facing the Denver Nuggets. However, House expressed confidence that the Lakers would not miss the playoffs, primarily due to the presence of LeBron James. Speaking on The Carton Show, he forecasted a standout performance from James against the Pelicans and asserted that a postseason without LeBron would be unthinkable.

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While James is renowned for his ability to elevate his game in crucial moments, it’s worth noting that he has experienced playoff absences in the past. Just three seasons ago, the Lakers concluded the season with a subpar record and failed to qualify for the playoffs. Additionally, the team has frequently found themselves in the Play-In Tournament, irrespective of James’ presence on the roster.

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