May 19, 2024

3 Immediate Moves the Yankees Need to Make

Despite their strong start to the season, the Yankees must make several key moves to maintain their momentum. The resurgence of the New York Yankees, once feared by all teams in Major League Baseball, is evident less than two weeks into the new season. After enduring their worst year since the Reagan administration, the Yankees are once again a formidable force in the league. However, their early success should not lead to complacency. Jonathan Loaisiga’s season-ending injury serves as a reminder that setbacks can occur at any time in baseball. To solidify their position for the remainder of the season and beyond, the Yankees should consider the following moves:


  1. Acquire Elias Diaz from the Colorado Rockies: While some fans may have reservations about this move, addressing the offensive shortcomings at the catcher position is crucial for the Yankees. With uncertainty surrounding Austin Wells’ ability to secure the starting job, Elias Diaz emerges as a viable option. Despite a slight dip in performance in the latter half of the previous season, Diaz has proven himself as a reliable hitter and proficient catcher. If Jose Trevino fails to demonstrate big-league hitting capabilities, acquiring Diaz could provide stability to the Yankees’ lineup, either as a platoon option with Wells or as a full-time starter.

2. Promote Clayton Beeter from the minors: Clayton Beeter, a promising right-handed pitcher and the Yankees’ 14th-ranked prospect, has demonstrated his readiness for the big leagues during spring training. Equipped with a powerful fastball and an impressive arsenal of pitches, Beeter possesses the attributes necessary to make an impact in the Yankees’ bullpen. With Loaisiga sidelined and Nick Burdi struggling, Beeter’s promotion to the major league roster appears imminent. Whether utilized as a reliever or potentially as a starter in case of injuries, Beeter is poised to contribute significantly to the Yankees’ success.

3. Secure a contract extension for Anthony Volpe: Anthony Volpe, the Yankees’ 22-year-old shortstop, has showcased remarkable improvement at the plate, transforming into a two-way star in the early stages of the season. Given his potential to become a cornerstone player for the team, securing Volpe’s long-term commitment is essential. With an already hefty payroll featuring several high-priced stars, locking Volpe into a team-friendly contract would be advantageous for the Yankees’ financial flexibility. Negotiating an extension with Volpe and his representatives should be a top priority for Brian Cashman, ensuring stability and continuity in the Yankees’ lineup for years to come.

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