May 19, 2024

Josh Allen reportedly displayed frustration towards Stefon Diggs after the Buffalo Bills’ Week 1 loss, indicating a potential strain between the two star players. Despite Allen’s struggles in the game with multiple turnovers, including three interceptions and a fumble, he received consolation from teammates in the locker room. However, when Diggs approached him, Allen’s response, “It’s one f****** game,” hinted at underlying tension. This interaction was overlooked by reporters initially but gains significance in hindsight after Diggs’ departure from the team.

Josh Allen delivers brutal message to Buffalo Bills after playoff defeat |  Marca

Following the trade of Diggs, new narratives have surfaced regarding possible discord between him and Allen. Diggs’ performance also declined over the season, with fewer receptions and yards in the latter part of the year. Meanwhile, Allen’s role became more prominent, particularly during a six-game winning streak, leading the Bills to success. Ultimately, the Bills traded Diggs to the Houston Texans on April 3.

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