May 27, 2024

Sunderland manager Mike Dodds has provided insight into his surprising decision to omit Abdoullah Ba from the squad following their draw against Bristol City. Dodds emphasized the increased competition in forward positions due to the return of key players like Jack Clarke and Patrick Roberts.

Sunderland v Bristol City live Championship updates | The Northern Echo

Additionally, Aji Alese’s comeback influenced Dodds’ choice not to include Ba, opting instead for Romaine Mundle. Dodds stressed the importance of competition for places and urged Ba to respond positively to being left out, indicating that Ba remains in consideration for the upcoming match against Leeds United. Dodds clarified that such decisions are not made lightly and are based on various factors such as player fitness and tactical considerations. Despite Ba’s absence in recent fixtures, having made 37 appearances this season, Dodds hinted at the possibility of his involvement in future games.

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