May 19, 2024

Amari Williams, a standout forward from Drexel Dragons, is set to explore his options in the transfer portal, with Florida Basketball being one of his potential destinations. With the departure of Tyrese Samuel, there’s a pressing need for a skilled forward, and Williams could be the answer they’re seeking.

Amari Williams - 2023-24 - Men's Basketball - Drexel University Athletics

Standing at 6’10” and weighing 265 pounds, Williams, a graduate transfer from Nottingham, England, boasts impressive credentials with one season of eligibility remaining. Known as one of the top prospects in the transfer portal, his prowess around the rim is evident, with a remarkable 69% of his shot attempts in the previous season focused in that area.

While Williams demonstrates some ability to drive past defenders, his forte lies in operating with his back to the basket, utilizing his size and skill to navigate towards scoring opportunities. He excels in offensive rebounding, often capitalizing on putback opportunities, and showcases adept passing when positioned above the free-throw line, rarely venturing into three-point attempts.

Defensively, Williams is a reliable presence, averaging 1.8 blocks per game, while also showing improvement in reducing his fouls from the previous season. According to reports, Williams is scheduled to visit Gainesville, among other schools like St. John’s, Indiana, and Creighton.

Given his skill set, Williams appears to be a fitting candidate to fill the void left by Samuel’s departure. Whether Florida Basketball secures his commitment remains to be seen, but the diligent efforts of talent scouts like Todd suggest promising possibilities.

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