May 27, 2024

Sunderland may rue the signing of a £8m disappointment, now worth less than Dack. Sunderland must have felt some relief as they approached an international break, a chance to reflect on their disappointing season in the Championship.

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Injuries have plagued Mike Dodds’ interim management at the Stadium of Light, especially the absence of key player Jack Clarke, who has scored 15 goals.

Although Sunderland seems safe from relegation, it’s a far cry from their aspirations of promotion.

The 2016-17 season was particularly painful, marked by several underperforming players under David Moyes, including the forgettable Jeremain Lens. Lens, a Dutch winger, made only two appearances that season before being loaned out to Fenerbahce and Besiktas. His stint at Sunderland, which cost the club £8m, was disastrous, yielding only four goals and three assists.

Now, Lens finds himself playing in the French third division, with a transfer value of just €200k (£171k) according to Football Transfers. In contrast, Sunderland’s Bradley Dack, who hasn’t played this season due to injury, is valued at €0.4M (£343k), making him a more valuable asset than Lens.

Interestingly, another Sunderland flop, Luis Semedo, also holds a higher transfer value than Lens. Looking at Sunderland’s current squad, Lens would be the least valued player if he were to return.

Lens may just want to prolong his playing career, but his time at Sunderland will likely be remembered as a disappointment.

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