May 20, 2024

The Miami Dolphins find themselves amidst offseason speculation, particularly regarding their quarterback situation and the suggestion by Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt that they should consider moving on from Tua Tagovailoa. Amidst the debate, it’s proposed that the Dolphins should sign Ryan Tannehill as a backup, not as a replacement for Tagovailoa.

Titans' Ryan Tannehill to start vs. Seahawks; Will Levis inactive | Reuters

Tannehill, who had a successful stint with the Dolphins from 2012 to 2018, offers reliability, familiarity with Miami, and valuable experience reading defenses. While Klatt’s suggestion to replace Tagovailoa with a first-round rookie is deemed extreme, it prompts consideration of the Dolphins’ quarterback depth behind Tagovailoa, which currently lacks standout options.

While Klatt’s critique of the Dolphins’ commitment to Tagovailoa may be unfounded, the idea of drafting a quarterback later in the draft for depth is deemed reasonable. Tua’s health, particularly his history of concussions, raises concerns about his long-term durability, highlighting the need for a reliable backup.

Given the limited experience of the Dolphins’ current backup quarterbacks, Tannehill emerges as a favorable option. His familiarity with the city, the NFL, and his role as a backup would make him an asset to the team. Although not a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback, Tannehill’s experience and respect from opponents would provide stability to the team in case of injury to Tagovailoa.

In addition to potentially drafting a backup quarterback, the Dolphins should explore the veteran quarterback market. This would provide further insurance and ensure the team remains competitive in case Tagovailoa is sidelined.

Ultimately, signing Tannehill as a backup offers a practical solution to the Dolphins’ quarterback depth concerns, allowing them to address other pressing needs in the draft while securing an experienced option behind Tagovailoa.

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