May 27, 2024

Two former Chiefs who have embarked on new journeys with their respective teams might find it challenging to justify the hefty contracts they’ve secured.

Nick Allegretti, who recently inked a three-year, $16 million deal with the Washington Commanders, undoubtedly earned admiration from Chiefs fans for his versatility as a backup offensive lineman. However, his limited experience as a full-time starter in the NFL raises doubts about his ability to meet the expectations associated with his new contract.

Explaining Chiefs OL Nick Allegretti's four-year qualifying contract

Despite his notable contributions during the Chiefs’ recent Super Bowl run, Allegretti’s track record suggests inconsistency, particularly evident in his struggles with pass-blocking, as reflected in his subpar PFF grade of 35.4 in that regard during the 2022 season. With Washington urgently seeking to fortify their offensive line to protect their rookie quarterback, Allegretti faces heightened pressure to deliver, yet his lack of extensive starting experience casts uncertainty over his capacity to fulfill the demands of his lucrative deal.

On the other hand, L’Jarius Sneed, a standout cornerback in Kansas City’s formidable secondary, has bid farewell to the Chiefs amidst persistent trade rumors, landing in Nashville as part of the Titans’ plans. Sneed’s pivotal role in the Chiefs’ recent postseason success, exemplified by crucial plays like his game-changing strip against Zay Flowers in the AFC Championship Game, has earned him acclaim among Chiefs faithful. However, his transition to the Titans comes with uncertainties, particularly regarding the health of his knee, as highlighted by Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports.

Titans sign ex-Chiefs star L'Jarius Sneed to mammoth four-year deal  following trade, per report -

This potential issue raises concerns about Sneed’s long-term durability and his ability to maintain his high level of performance throughout the duration of his substantial four-year, $76 million contract extension with Tennessee. Additionally, the Titans’ ongoing rebuilding efforts and uncertainties surrounding the development of quarterback Will Levis could further complicate Sneed’s prospects of fulfilling the expectations tied to his sizable deal.

While Chiefs supporters undoubtedly wish both Allegretti and Sneed success with their new teams, the challenges posed by their respective contracts may present obstacles to their ability to meet expectations and justify their substantial financial investments.

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