May 19, 2024

Mike Dodds provided an update on Sunderland’s ongoing search for a new head coach following Michael Beale’s departure. While Dodds anticipates remaining in charge for the remainder of the season, he confirmed that the club is actively seeking Beale’s permanent successor.

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In the interim, Dodds has overseen five games but has been unable to break the club’s winless streak due to a string of injuries and suspensions. He mentioned that Sunderland is open to accelerating the appointment process if they identify the right candidate before the season’s end. However, they are committed to conducting a thorough selection process and avoiding hasty decisions. Therefore, Dodds is likely to continue in his role as interim boss until the summer.

Sunderland has initiated discussions with candidates on their shortlist and plans to undergo a comprehensive evaluation before making a summer appointment. Dodds highlighted the club’s focus on finding the ideal candidate and emphasized the importance of changing the atmosphere at the club through victories on the field.

He expressed hope that the return of key players, such as Luke O’Nien from suspension, along with others like Aji Alese, Corry Evans, and Bradley Dack, would bolster the team’s performance for the upcoming Easter fixtures. Additionally, there is optimism surrounding the potential comebacks of Jack Clarke and Patrick Roberts, depending on their progress in rehabilitation over the next week.

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