May 27, 2024

A Newcastle United player, Lloris Karius, the team’s backup goalkeeper, is considering leaving the club during the upcoming transfer window, with Italy emerging as a likely destination.

Newcastle United - Loris Karius

Karius, a German goalkeeper, has expressed his desire to move to Italy, primarily to be closer to his family, as his wife works there as a journalist. Despite his limited playing time for Newcastle, having only featured once in the English Premier League this season, he remains keen on seeking opportunities elsewhere.

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, the 30-year-old revealed his interest in Serie A, citing his longstanding interest in the league. He sees a potential move to Italy as a positive step for his career.

While discussing his ambitions to secure a starting role, Karius emphasized his confidence in his abilities and his commitment to training rigorously to prove himself once again at the highest level. He stated that while Serie A intrigues him, it’s premature to discuss specific plans for the future. He also mentioned his friendship with Claudio Marchisio, expressing belief in Marchisio’s guidance.

Karius highlighted his desire to regain a prominent role in goal, noting that he has performed well whenever given the opportunity. Despite facing challenges upon joining Newcastle in September 2022, he remains determined to play more regularly.

With Karius’s contract set to expire in June, discussions regarding his departure have surfaced. Meanwhile, Newcastle is reportedly considering a move for Valencia goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvili, as manager Eddie Howe holds a strong interest in the player.

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