May 26, 2024

A seasoned infielder for the Baltimore Orioles is open to changing his position in order to secure a spot on the team’s roster. Kolten Wong, who recently signed with the Orioles’ minor league team, embarks on a new phase of his career.

With 11 seasons in the major leagues under his belt, Wong has showcased his versatility by playing various positions such as second base, center field, right field, left field, and shortstop.

With his late mother's image in the stands, Hawaii's Kolten Wong finds  motivation in the memories of young cancer patients that have changed his  outlook on life | KHON2

Known for his adaptability and consistent offensive contribution, Wong faces a different challenge with the Orioles in 2024, given the abundance of young talent on the team.

Recognizing the need to be flexible, Wong has informed the team that he’s willing to play any position on the field. He expressed readiness for whatever role comes his way.

Recently, Wong was stationed at third base, a position he hadn’t previously played professionally, during a game against the Detroit Tigers. Despite initial offensive struggles, Wong remains confident in his ability to adapt and contribute, emphasizing the importance of agility over specific skill sets.

Manager Brandon Hyde acknowledges the value of Wong’s versatility, highlighting its potential to enhance the team’s dynamics.

Despite a successful decade in professional baseball, Wong remains committed to exploring new opportunities and contributing to a Major League Baseball roster in any capacity.

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